Better interviews and collaboration.
With bliro's AI Meeting Assistant

Bliro transcribes interviews, creates AI interview notes and shares them with all relevant stakeholders.

Bliro is entirely free for up to 250 meeting minutes per month. No credit card required.

Trusted by thousands of users worldwide, including teams at

Collect important information with the help of AI

Bliro uses cutting-edge AI methods to understand your candidate interviews. Focus on your conversation. Bliro extracts all important information into an AI meeting summary.

Bliro shares AI intervew notes across teams

Improve collaboration between departments and make sure AI interview notes are collected and shared with all important stakeholders.

All meeting tools that are compatible with bliro.

No blind spots. Bliro works where you work.

Bliro works by default with all meeting tools, softphone solutions and even for on-site meetings. So every important conversation is transcribed and documented.

Protect the privacy of your employees and candidates.

Bliro does not record audio or video. Instead, bliro transcribes audio in real time without storing it in between. This ensures that all important information is collected securely and GDPR compliant.

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What our customers say about bliro

Bliro enables us to document our appointments effectively and sustainably, without the use of paper or time-consuming manual processes.

Thanks to the direct integration into our system landscape (Salesforce, Teams), we have all relevant information available across departments immediately after the appointment - regardless of whether we are at the customer's site, in the office or in the home office.

This prompt availability not only promotes an increase in productivity, but also contributes to customer satisfaction by reliably keeping appointments and agreements and ensuring that nothing is forgotten or lost.

A picture of David Wiegandt.

David Wiegandt

Head of New Customer Acquisition
Easy Software AG

What convinced me was how well my team accepted bliro. Finally, information from client meetings is properly documented in Salesforce. I can even analyze how much time my team spends in meetings with different customers.

Our Client Success Manager and Implementation teams now use bliro. It is now indispensable for our workflows.

A picture of Kate Wittstock.

Kate Wittstock

Global Head of Client Success
Products Up GmbH

With Bliro I finally managed to get rid of my paper chaos. I can now digitize my notes directly, which saves me time and keeps me more organized.

Also, the product is developed extremely quickly and always according to my needs.

A picture of Tim Gremlitza.

Tim Gremlitza

Customer Success Manager
talentsconnect AG

I really appreciate how bliro integrates with my existing workflows. Bliro is easy to install and I can immediately link it to my CRM account to document my meetings.

The app is very minimalistic and easy to use. I highly recommend anyone who has a lot of virtual meetings to give bliro a try!

A picture of Pjilipp Derenthal.

Philipp Derenthal

Global Alliances Manager

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