Improved AI meeting notes

Bliro's AI Meeting Notes now come with an Executive Summary that summarises the full meeting in just a few sentences.
But not every meeting is the same. Sometimes speed is more important than level of detail. That's why bliro's summary is now 10x faster for short conversations. The summary for a short phone call (e.g. less than 5 minutes) will be available in bliro only 10-15 seconds after your call ends.


Transcribe and summarise your full conversation in real-time

So far you had to manually highlight important moments of your meetings. Bliro would then transcribe and summarise these highlights.
With our latest update, these manual highlights became optional. Bliro now transcribes and summarises the full conversation by default - no matter which meeting tool you use, no matter if your conversation happens online or offline.

Additionally bliro transcribes and summarises in real-time, which means you have instant access to your summary and transcript after the meeting. Your highlights are even available live during the meeting.
Real-Time also means that no audio or video is recorded at all - not locally on your laptop, not in the cloud. Thereby we can protect the privacy of all meeting participants at all times.


Automatic summaries for highlights of your conversations

⚡ Automatic summaries for meeting highlights!

Bliro now summarizes your conversations!
Creating a highly accurate transcript of your conversations was just the first step in automating your notes. Although transcripts accurately capture what is said, they are often very long, don't get to the point, and are tedious to re-edit. Our new summary feature takes care of extracting the most important parts and shows you a nice summary in bullet points.

A GIF of a summary in bliro.

🔌 Manage your integrations!

Manage your integrations centrally via the bliro platform. Easily connect and disconnect with eight systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Google and more!

A picture of bliro's integration screen.


Bliro's AI Assistant - Always at your side.                 

⭕️ Leaner platform

We have redesigned large parts of the platform. We've carefully chosen the new design to make it even easier for you to navigate through your past conversations. No distractions, just full focus.

A picture of bliro's platfform.

🏠 Bliro lives in your menu bar

Bliro should be your companion, always there when you need it. With that in mind, we've revamped Bliro's visibility on your screen. By default, Bliro is hidden behind its icon in the menu bar and appears as soon as a new meeting starts. Of course, you can still activate bliro at any time by clicking on its icon in the menu bar.

A GIF of bliro's notetaker.