Bliro has been named Leader in Conversation Intelligence and Top-Rated Conversation Intelligence Tool on OMR Reviews

Based on Reviews from our users, bliro has been named Q4 - Leader in Conversation Intelligence and Q4 - Top-Rated Conversation Intelligence on Software Review Plattform OMR Reviews. Find out what our users have to say about bliro here.

We are building bliro to reduce manual busywork for our users, streamline communication and help them become better in their jobs. Just sign-up and find out what bliro can do for you! 🚀


AI Notes Templates and Marketplace

We are excited to introduce AI Note Templates. Our users can now define the core outcomes for their meetings and extract them automatically to improve decision-making and streamline communication.

No longer settle for generic notes; enjoy the freedom of creating tailor-made ones with up to 7 diverse sections available for a comprehensive note-taking experience. Set a list of topics, that bliro should write notes for. Have bliro extract action items automatically or have it summarize your meeting's mood. Sign-Up and find out what bliro can do for your meetings!

Additionally, our Marketplace provides several ready-to-use, pre-designed templates that require no setup and are ideal for various common meeting types. Dive into Bliro today, and find the perfect blend of personalized and instant template solutions for your meeting notes!


Automatic Meeting Detection + Full editibility on bliro plattform

Automatic Meeting Detection: We made the daily usage of bliro even smoother. Bliro now automatically pops up when you start your Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet meetings to remind you to transcribe it and take AI meeting notes. Also bliro reminds you to end your meeting in bliro, when you end your Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet meetings.

Full editibility: All your meetings including AI notes, transcripts and meeting details are now fully editable on bliro's platform. Additionally you can always regenerate AI notes for your meetings.


Better and faster AI Notes, New Admin Functionalities, Performance Improvements

Faster AI Notes: We have reworked parts of our AI infrastructure: AI meetings notes will now be available 3x faster than in the last version of bliro! - Depending on your meeting length as fast 5 seconds after your meeting ends.

Adjust bliro's transcription model to your use case: Teach bliro domain specific words such as technical terms, foreign words or product names. Create lists of these domain specific words on the bliro plattform. Words in your custom dictionary help our transcription engine better understand your speech and allows the creation of better summaries, especially if you talk domain specific slang.

Bliro's Custom Dictionary Feature

Roles, Member Management and Usage Monitoring: As an admin you will now be able to manage your team, add and remove members and monitor the usage of your organisation to anticipate upgrades to larger packages early on.


New App Languages and advanced microphone support

Support of the German language: With the new release, bliro automatically detects the language you are using on your computer and displays all content either in German or English. We are adding additional languages over time. If you'd like bliro to be available in your native language, give us a hint.

You use a special microphone setup? Don't worry, we got you covered. Just select the microphone of your choice before starting the transcription. You don't use a fancy microphone setup? Nothing changes for you!

Screenshot of bliro with Microphone Setting.


Improved AI meeting notes

Bliro's AI Meeting Notes now come with an Executive Summary that summarises the full meeting in just a few sentences.
But not every meeting is the same. Sometimes speed is more important than level of detail. That's why bliro's summary is now 10x faster for short conversations. The summary for a short phone call (e.g. less than 5 minutes) will be available in bliro only 10-15 seconds after your call ends.

Executive Summary Examples bliro


Transcribe and summarise your full conversation in real-time

So far you had to manually highlight important moments of your meetings. Bliro would then transcribe and summarise these highlights.
With our latest update, these manual highlights became optional. Bliro now transcribes and summarises the full conversation by default - no matter which meeting tool you use, no matter if your conversation happens online or offline.

Additionally bliro transcribes and summarises in real-time, which means you have instant access to your summary and transcript after the meeting. Your highlights are even available live during the meeting.
Real-Time also means that no audio or video is recorded at all - not locally on your laptop, not in the cloud. Thereby we can protect the privacy of all meeting participants at all times.

Screenshot of bliro app.


Automatic summaries for highlights of your conversations

⚡ Automatic summaries for meeting highlights!

Bliro now summarizes your conversations!
Creating a highly accurate transcript of your conversations was just the first step in automating your notes. Although transcripts accurately capture what is said, they are often very long, don't get to the point, and are tedious to re-edit. Our new summary feature takes care of extracting the most important parts and shows you a nice summary in bullet points.

A GIF of a summary in bliro.

🔌 Manage your integrations!

Manage your integrations centrally via the bliro platform. Easily connect and disconnect with eight systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, Google and more!

A picture of bliro's integration screen.


Bliro's AI Assistant - Always at your side.                 

⭕️ Leaner platform

We have redesigned large parts of the platform. We've carefully chosen the new design to make it even easier for you to navigate through your past conversations. No distractions, just full focus.

A picture of bliro's platfform.

🏠 Bliro lives in your menu bar

Bliro should be your companion, always there when you need it. With that in mind, we've revamped Bliro's visibility on your screen. By default, Bliro is hidden behind its icon in the menu bar and appears as soon as a new meeting starts. Of course, you can still activate bliro at any time by clicking on its icon in the menu bar.

A GIF of bliro's notetaker.