Streamline your workflow with Bliro

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep up with note-taking during a meeting or call? Do you often miss important details because you were too busy trying to write everything down? Bliro is here to help.
Bliro is an AI note-taker that automatically transcribes any conversation and turns it into actionable insights. Bliro not only saves time, but also ensures that important information is never lost or forgotten.
Several other companies are offering similar functions to those provided by Bliro. For example, you may have heard of Fathom, Fireflies, or Avoma, all of which also transcribe and summarize meetings or conversations. However, as you will see in the following article, their methods of doing so can differ greatly from how Bliro works.

So why should you choose Bliro?

Key values, key features

To answer this question, it is important to understand what qualities are important in a good assistant. We take a look at a few competitors, derive the qualities a good AI Meeting assistant needs and elaborate on how bliro is fundamentally different from all other AI Notetakers out there.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Invisible and Discrete - No Meeting Bot joins your meeting

Discretion is essential in an assistant. No one wants to distract meeting participants in important calls by having a very noticeable and annoying assistant sitting in the room.

Bliro sets itself apart from the competition by providing invisible transcription, summarization, and centralized documentation in the background of any conversation or meeting. Unlike other solutions like Fathom, Fireflies, or Avoma which use meeting bots that join the meeting, Bliro operates without the need for a bot. This ensures that clients can conduct their meetings without any interference from the AI assistant.

2. Privacy Friendly and Data Sensitive - No audio or video is recorded

Additionally, assistants handle a lot of sensitive information. The perfect assistant should place a premium on the privacy of all meeting participants.

Bliro does not save any audio or video recording of the meeting, which means that everything remains confidential and secure. Many other AI Notetakers such as Tl;dv or for example are making video snippets available after the meeting and are therefore saving the audio as well as the video recording of all meeting participants, which could be of issue for some. Bliro on the contrary is fully text-based, which not only ensures privacy but also makes it easier to review and access the information at a later time.

3. Flexible and Adaptive - Works for all conversations

Flexibility is another important aspect of a good assistant. You don't want an assistant that only works in certain environments, making it impossible to always rely on them.

Bliro's unique Note Taking AI runs locally on its user's laptop. This allows Bliro to work seamlessly with all online meeting and softphone solutions, as well as on-site meetings, without the need for any special integrations. Especially on-site meetings are not covered by any of the other AI-Notetakers, which can result in inconsistency in your meeting documentation.
Just like you would expect of a real assistant, bliro is always available when you need it and flexible to adapt to your needs and work habits.

4.Personal and Customizable - You decide what is important to you

No AI can guess what details of a Meeting are especially important to you, if you don’t tell them.

Centralized note-taking and recaps can still be helpful. However, we want our AI assistant to feel more like a personal assistant to you, attentive to your needs and expectations. With our highlighting function, note-taking is always under your control. On the other hand, if everything in the meeting is important or you don’t have the time to set highlights manually, no worries, bliro transcribes and summarises the whole meeting as well.
Bliro even learns from you: Simply tell it which topics it should specifically watch out for in your meetings and bliro will add those topics to the AI summary for you. Everyone has different takeaways from conversations. Bliro takes that into account.

5. Competent - Uses generative AI to generate insights from your meetings

Finally, competence is the most important quality of a good assistant. The main role of an assistant is to improve your efficiency and save you time by taking over all administrative tasks in a competent way for you.

Employees in customer-facing teams (e.g. Sales, Customer Success, Support) spend about 20-40% of their work time on administrative tasks, including documenting customer conversations, maintaining their own note structures, filling in information in the CRM System, etc. Bliro uses the latest trends in Natural Language Processing and Generative AI to streamline this process, allowing employees to focus on the important tasks: closing the next deal, avoiding churn, or completing a customer project.
In addition, Bliro ensures that no important information is lost or forgotten. After transcribing the meeting, Bliro automatically documents all important insights in the CRM system. In addition, everything is stored on the bliro platform for easy access in the future.

Bliro is your personal AI assistant that streamlines workflows and ensures that important information is not lost or forgotten. Its unique features set it apart from the competition and ensure that it can be used in any situation. Try it out and see how it can transform your note-taking process!